Monday, 26 March 2012

Prediction scores:

At the start of the South Africa tour I made some predictions about results, and now I intend to score them.

T20: Prediction: NZ 2-1 Result: SA 2-1
Score: 3/10
Well, you have to get the overall result right to get points, and I was a few balls away from that had we won the third match.
ODI: Prediction: SA 2-1 Result: SA 3-0
Score: 7/10
This one was a bit of a blowout, the Black Caps did not play at all well and really let themselves down. They let me down too by not winning a single match in their best format.
Tests: Prediction: SA 2-0 Result: SA 1-0
Score: 8/10
I'm giving myself an extra point here because I predicted one match would be affected by rain, causing a draw, and South Africa would win the rest. As it happens, two matches were rain-affected, and South Africa completely dominated the rest.

Overall: 18/30
Not bad, quite happy with that score. Not very happy with the series result though, all 3 formats lost. South Africa are an extremely good side, but New Zealand are not as bad as these numbers would suggest. To only win one game out of 9 is not remotely good enough, even against the best. Ah well. There's always next summer.

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